INUNIMAI Competition

INUNIMAI invites you to join the competition for the best Clinical Case in Central Europe.

The winner will travel to Vienna to meet with the head of the Department of Immunopathology of the Medical University of Vienna, convenor of the INUNIMAI Campus - Professor Rudolf Valenta.

This is a great opportunity not only to take a trip to Austria, but also to visit the laboratory of an outstanding, world-famous scientist!


The terms of participation:

• Describe the most interesting and informative clinical case from your practice using the ImmunoCAP and/or ImmunoCAP ISAC methods

• To illustrate a clinical case, if possible, attach the test results forms, having previously hidden the patient's personal data. If you cannot do it yourself - write to the manager of your success at We will be happy to help!

• Publish your clinical case in word or pdf format in the INUNIMAI Europe Community

• The winner will be selected every 4 months personally by Professor Rudolf Valenta

• The number of clinical cases during one wave is not limited


Share a clinical case


Congratulations to the winners of previous rounds! We'd like to share the most interesting clinical cases


First round winners Second round winners Third round winners
Naumova O., Ukraine Andronova E., Russia
Malkov V., Russia Lykova M., Ukraine
Lepeshkova T., Russia Semenova N., Russia
Bychkovskaya, Russia



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