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Prof. Valenta's h-index has reached 100

The President of INUNIMAI, Professor of the Medical university of Vienna Rudolf Valenta's h-index has reached 100. Such a high rank reflects the appreciation of Prof. Valenta’s long-term and extensive research by the global allergy community. 

The h-index (Hirsch index) is a metric to measure the productivity and citation level of the publications of an individual researcher. Initially suggested in 2005 by the American physicist Jorge E. Hirsch as a tool for determining relative quality of publications in the field of theoretical physics, nowadays h-index is globally recognized by the scientific community as the objective method to rank the contribution of a researcher in their field of study. H-index is based on the set of the most sited publications of the scientist and the number of citations received in other publications. The higher h-index, the more productive the scientist is. Importantly, H-index-based rank can be made only for the scientists working in the same field of study because the criteria of h-index in different fields can vary considerably.



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